Brilliant Glaze

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Kindig-it Design has teamed up with Adam's Polishes to provide a premium Brilliant Glaze. This Brilliant Glaze provides an impeccable shine that makes the car pop with depth and clarity. This product is extremely easy to apply and even easier to wipe away. Brilliant Glaze is definitely a favorite amongst the Kindig-it Team!

Kindig-it Design's Brilliant Glaze is a shine enhancer that is very versatile. Brilliant Glaze effortlessly boosts depth & gloss to paint, chrome, and glass leaving behind zero smudges. Because it is not a wax, you can layer it without build-up.

  • Great on paint, glass, aluminum, and chrome.
  • Mask Minor Imperfections and subtle swirl marks.
  • Quick dry time and Effortless removal.


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