Tire Shine

Tire Shine

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Kindig-it Tire Shine is an innovative water based protection that creates a deepened black waterproof finish. Tire Shine works on tires, rubber trim, plastic bumpers and moldings. Achieve similar results to a traditional solvent based dressing without the issue of drying out the tire over time or creating a brown layer as it wears off. Apply a second layer to increase the level of gloss as desired. Tire Shine is a low-sling formula that creates a deep, non greasy finish. 

  • Water based formula.
  • Creates a deepened high gloss finish. 
  • Layer to increase gloss levels. 
  • Safe for your tires. 

How to use:

1) Shake bottle well before use.
2) Clean your tires prior to applying.
3) Apply an even layer of Tire Shine using a applicator.
4) If more gloss is desired, allow the first layer to dry and apply the second layer.
5) Allow to dry over 10 minutes before driving and wipe off any excess with a soft, clean microfiber towel.


**Spray Nozzles Not Included**

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