Silica Soap

Silica Soap

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Silica Soap is an innovative way to clean your vehicle, coated or uncoated, safely removing dirt and adding protection. The product is a pH neutral concentrate formula utilizing SiO2 technology, designed to shine, enhance and protect your vehicle's finish. Silica Soap can be used in both a foam cannon or wash bucket. Every wash you do adds a layer of protection to the surface boosting the hydrophobic properties and gloss.

  • Blended using special lubricants and infused with silica for protection.
    • Leaves the finish clean and protected.
    • Spotless finish.
    • Works on both coated and uncoated vehicles.
    • Safely removes dirt, road grime and other  contaminants.

Bucket Wash

1) Shake bottle well before use.
2) Full a bucket 2/3 full with water and add 2oz of silica soap.
3) Using your hose agitate the water to create thick suds.
4) Pre rinse the vehicle and wash from top to bottom using correct washing methods.
5) Use a clean drying towel to dry the vehicle. 

Foam Cannon:
1) Shake bottle well before use.
2) Add 900ml of water to the foam cannon bottle.
3) Add 100ml of silica soap to the bottle, attach the bottle and shake.
4) Fit the foam cannon to the pressure washer and wash the vehicle.
5) Use clean wash mitt and drying towel to follow correct washing procedures.


**Spray Nozzles Not Included**

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