Tub O’ Scrub® Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner, 18 oz

Tub O’ Scrub® Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner, 18 oz

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Tub O’ Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is a waterless hand cleaner that features a unique, biodegradable formula that is great for cleaning hard-working hands. Tub O’ Scrub hand cleaner quickly and efficiently cuts through grease, oil, adhesives and other grime without any water needed. This heavy-duty cleaner features a pumice-free solution that will not block or clog shop drains like many other pumice-based cleaners on the market. This hand cleaner will leave even the roughest hands feeling soft and moisturized after a long day of work. Made in the USA.

Product Features:

  • Easily remove tough grease, oils, and dirt without water
  • Pumice-free, biodegradable walnut shell formula is great for cleaning hard-working hands and does not clog drains
  • Heavy-duty hand cleaner does not contain solvents or petroleum distillates
  • Hand cleaner features lanolin, aloe, and Vitamin-E to help protect and moisturize working hands
  • Contains a fresh citrus scent in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle